Filmfare creates traumatizing drama between Neil and SRK

It has now been proved through many polls and the media experts that drama sells more than anything else in the media. Filmfare are the oldest and yet the most authentic awards of the Indian film industry, but today many other awards have been introduced. They may not be giving a fierce competition to Filmfare, but they have set their ground well.

Now to survive the competition, even Filmfare has started cooking up some drama in order to gain popularity. One of the dramas that was apparently created this year was a tiff between Niel Nitin Mukesh and SRK.

Actually, while hosting the award night Shah Rukh commented on Niel’s surname and said: “You have three titles but no surname, why?”

It was preplanned that Neil would react too angrily to the comment. He got on stage and told Shah Rukh to watch his words as he was commenting on the family and his father was right there in the audiences. Then he also told SRK to ‘Shut up!’

The plan was that in the end Niel would throw eggs on the two hosts but he rather got on the stage and broke those eggs on their head.

As far fetched as this all may sound, this was a plan made by SRK. This drama created quite a panic in the crowd and as per Niel he was very uncomfortable and scared doing all this.

This reminds me of Ashutosh Gowarikar having a fight with Sajid Khan in Filmfare. Wonder whether that too was planned!?

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