Ever Green Bollywood Romances to Watch on Cold Winter Evenings

A hot cup of soup, a warm blanket, a glowing room heater and a lovely soft romantic film on the DVD – isn’t this the ultimate way to spend a winter evening at home? A good romantic film will make you feel warm and tingly and will help you forget the vagaries of nature outside your window. There are some films which are just apt for an evening like this, and of course, we have our top ten favourites among them. As always lists are individualistic, connected with our own memories and choices and you are welcome to add your films to this list!

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Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge


Aradhana - 1969

Remember Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore around a fire, courting each other to the tune of Roop Tera Masatana. It was a beautifully enacted scene in a one of the best romantic films of all times. Kishore Kumar’s rise to fame took a sharp curve upwards in this film, and Rajesh Khanna achieved super stardom. But the real winner was the film’s direction and story, a timeless story of lost and found love.

Chaudhvin Ka Chand

Chaudhvin Ka Chand:

The younger generation will probably not be able to connect with this film, but it was onethe finest romantic films from Guru Dutt. A love triangle between Guru Dutt and a gorgeous Waheeda Rahman and Rehman, it had excellent music by Ravi. The movie was set in the nawabi surroundings of Lucknow , the entire premise of the story based on the purdah system among the Muslims that era. Soft and poignant, it was a class apart.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge:


This film does not need an introduction – just the initials DDLJ are sufficient to bring back memories of fields in Switzerland, guitar carrying Shah Rukh Khan wooing the demure Kajol and a romance across two continents. The film was directed and written by Aditya Chopra, and the young light-hearted love story caught the imagination and hearts of millions. Sit back with your cup of hot tea and relax, because this is a great film.

Devdas – (Dilip Kumar’s particularly):

A story of unrequited love, this story has made it to the movie halls in various forms and styles. However my favourite still remains the 1955 version starring Dilip Kumar, Vyjantimala and Suchitra Sen. This was the only one which remained true to the novel by Saratchandra Chatterjee, one of the best Hindi romance novels. Once again a story of unrequited love , it touches our heart and soul. This black and white film had Bimal Roy’s characteristic underplayed direction and performances, and yet you felt the pain and heartbreak  of the characters while you watched it.


A 16 year old Dimple Kapadia and much younger and slimmer Rishi Kapoor, coupled with Raj Kapoor’s deft


directorial touch, Laxmikant Pyarelal’s music and Anand Bakshi’s immortal lyrics and you have a winner all the way. This film gave us a glimpse of teenage romances and of course the classic rich-boy meets poor-girl storyline. If nothing else, just listening to Chanchal sing Beshak Mandir Masjid Toro is good enough to make you feel that love is the ultimate panacea for all problems.

Maine Pyaar Kiya:

Just getting a glimpse of a white pigeon is enough to send most of us down memory lane to the year 1989, and two new faces in Bollywood in what turned out to be one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. Salman Khan and Bhagyashree made their debut in this soft and gentle romance, directed by Sooraj Barjatya. The romance was once again between a rich boy and a poor girl, but somehow there was a simplicity to the film which made it such a joy to watch.

Kabhi Kabhie:

Kabhie Kabhie

A surfeit of performers, a lot of romances and some great lilting music made this film a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Both the musician Khayyam and the lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi won awards for their evergreen compositions. Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor, the younger generation in the film are a great foil to the older members of the storyline, played by Waheeda Rehman, Amitabh Bacchhan , Shashi Kapoor and Raakhee. With a cast like this, what else can you get except … magic.


The intense chemistry between Nargis and Raj Kapoor was enough to set this screen on a gentle fire. The story was beautifully depicted and the choice of music was superb. As always Raj Kapoor placed his songs carefully and made sure that they were an inherent and beautiful part of the film. They do not make films like anymore.



The ultimate epic to beat all epics. This film had one of the most beautiful romantic scenes of all time, where Dilip Kumar gently strokes Madhubala’s face with a white feather, to the tune of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan’s soulful voice. Opulent palaces, superb costumes and a timeless story were all a part of this breathtaking film, and today when it has been digitally re-mastered and re-presented it still remains a great romance depicted with style and luxury and magnificence.

Which ones do you think is the best?

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