Delhi-6 Music Review

After a gargantuan success with SLUMDOG MILLIONARE, A.R Rahman returns to music with none other then Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and this time with something better then all his previous works.Well, that happens every time Mr. Rahman sits down, composing superb music. Every time I sit down writing a review for him, its a treat for me as a listener to hear something on which you can dance,enjoy the silences, and get ready to feel alive all over again and fall in love. .Well that’s a little going overboard, but I am seriously contemplating compiling a list of Rahman’s most enduring music albums.

delhi 6
Sonam and Abhishek on the sets

Delhi 6 Music Review

“MASAKALI” is the first song of the album and had already created a buzz much before the music release. Needless to say, Masakalli is an instant chartbuster with the word “go”.With Masakali, Mohit Chauhan reaches new level of singing.This is something he had never tried before, but when he does it, I think he has set a benchmark.The song starts with wonderful humming which you could keep on singing after you have gone through the whole song. Quite catchy this one. Even the visuals of the song are so wonderfully and cutely picturized – Sonam dancing with the fantailed pigeon and Abhishek being the obvious love interest.   Old delhi falling beautifully with the song, it’s like everything complementing each other .The orchestra is kept very low but still it churns out so much making for a very good and balanced ambience.

The second song to follow is “ARZIYAN” . The tabla and harmonium are used to carry the 9 minute duration song beautifully. The song has some resemblances to gentle Sufi folk music, much like “Khwaja mere Khwaja” and “PIYA HAJI ALI”. The song has a devotional and faintly haunting sound. The essence of the song is so wonderful that after hearing it for sometime you would get completely lost in it .
Similar tracks in the album are “BHOR BHAYE” and “GENDA PHOOL”.

If you thought that the album is rustic then you are mistaken – “DELHI 6” is a totally funky and western song. A very “Rahmanish” song, the title track directly draws comparisons with “PAATSHAALA “and “KHALBALI” from Rang De Basanti.The song can play a very important role in the narrative of the movie. It has been arranged with simple groovy music that aims to lift spirits. ‘”HEY KAALA BANDAR” is another groovy song which has strong techno and electronic undercurrents.

Perhaps my favourite song of the album, “REHNA TU” is an exceptionally smooth love track. Tender feelings are expressed through out and Rahman uses soft melodies to nicely the message of the track. Sweet honey for the ears.


Delhi 6 has most of the signature Rahman tunes – westernised fills, classical vocals and an overall funky and fresh feel ( We just have to wait for the movie now because many of his songs grow on us only after listening to them for a listen to Delhi 6 songs. You can also . Enjoy ;).

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