Why 68 year old Amitabh Bachchan is India’s biggest brand


You can argue that it is Shah Rukh Khan (or even Sachin Tendulkar) who is India’s biggest brand, and in a way you would be right. However if you want to talk of a colossus who has straddled the scene of Hindi films, for the longest time, and held an entire nation in his thrall, it would have to be Amitabh Bachchan. At age 68 he is today, as popular as he ever was at the zenith … [Read more...]

The Inexplicable Allure of Himesh Reshammiya


There are those who argue that Himesh Reshammiya can sing. It is my humble suggestion that he cannot. He can compose a hummable ditty that will linger in the memory for precisely one and a half week; and he can carry a tune, but to say that he can sing, is a something of an over statement.  Then there are those who say he can act. I disagree. He can only pout. From time to … [Read more...]

Bollywood’s Tryst with Anna Hazare’s Anti Corruption Movement

800px-Anna_Hazare_hunger stike at jantar mantar

Out of personal conviction for aligning oneself with a just cause, or to gain publicity for a recent release by attaching to a visible news story, Bollywood actors have a long history of being involved with political and social issues. The recent stir caused by Anna Hazare and his anti corruption movement has been unprecedented in that it has spurred people to protest not only … [Read more...]

The Industry Khans – and The Best Actor Award Goes to….


The film industry is peopled with Khans – who wield clout and inspire devotion from legions of fans the world over. For the past couple of decades it is only the Khans who have been any kind of serious contender for the top leading men of the Hindi film industry, in terms of being powerful, influential, successful at the box office and also in terms of sheer histrionic … [Read more...]

Bollywood’s Size Zero Obsession

Actress Nanda

There was this old joke, about Bollywood yesteryears actress Asha Parekh who went up to God and said “Main aapke paas ek Chhoti is aas leke ayi hoon” and apparently God thundered,  “Jooth kyon bolti ho!”… Purport of this being that Bollywood does not have a history of size zero. What is does have, is a history of full bodied, curvy women; it is a long and honored tradition, … [Read more...]