Ragini MMS hits theaters this Weekend

Ragini MMS Poster

The much awaited Ragini MMS, is the latest Bollywood release, a movie of the thriller-horror genre and also of the Ekta Kapoor genre it must be said. Producer Ekta Kapoor seems to have mastered the art of making bold new cinema on shoestring budgets, that shock and entertain in equal measure taking lesser known actors and making the world sit up and take notice. After the … [Read more...]

Film Review – HAUNTED (3D)


It seems to me as if one morning Bhatt got up, and said to himself, "I’m gonna make a 3D movie. And make it I WILL!"… and he went ahead and did just that. Unfortunately for the audience, he was clearly confused about the theme of the movie. Whilst a part of him was determined to make a horror movie, the other part, subconsciously, perhaps, ended up making a 2+ hour comedy film … [Read more...]

Bollywood and the Celebration of Motherhood


It was Mother’s Day this last Sunday and Bollywood stars spoke in one voice in honouring and revering their mothers on the day. Stars such as Aamir Khan, Bipasha Basu, Millika Sherawat, Ritiesh Deshmukh, and a host of others wished mothers everywhere and particularly their own mothers on the day using Twitter to communicate their love to mothers. The Filmi Maa The mother … [Read more...]

To Kiss or not to Kiss – The Bollywood Kiss

the bollywood kiss

One of the biggest Bollywood news stories currently doing the rounds is that of whether or not there is a kiss between the lead actors Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the much awaited Bollywood sci fi film to be released, Ra. One.  While some reports gleefully report that there will in fact be a kissing scene between the lead pair, SRK himself has stoutly denied the … [Read more...]

Luv ka The End – This Weekend’s Release


Before we say anything else about this film, there are a few things that you should know about Luv ka the End - the latest Hindi movie to come out of Bollywood. 1. It has a director whose name is Bumpy (yes that is apparently his whole name) and is known as the director of the reality show MTV Roadies. 2. The director states that there is a layer of stupidity running … [Read more...]