Open Your Minds, O Writers of Bollywood!


This is my second blog post and I am happy that whoever has read my first blog post has liked it. (I want to tell you all that all my posts would be mainly about Bollywood, about life, books I have read or T.V. shows I have seen. Sometimes I could comment on society in general or our double standards, but that will be later as I grow confident in my writing.) Now for … [Read more...]

Lootera: Yet Another Forbidden Bollywood Romance Or Not?

Ranveer is the Lovelorn Lootera

  Vikramaditya Motwane directing Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha. I immediately think of a rustic yet charming Punjabi boy, a coy girl-next-door and an angry father with a heart of stone. However, my predictions took a serious hit when I saw the trailer of the film in question. Lootera is nothing like it looks on paper. Ranveer Singh has thankfully ditched his “Band … [Read more...]

11 Reasons Why I Totally Love Bollywood

why we love bollywood movies

I love Bollywood. With all its ups and all its downs, with all the movies, good and bad, I love watching most Hindi movies. Yes, they are corny and cheesy most of the time. Spicy and masaale-daar even. And every other week they tend to insult your intelligence with lame jokes, stories or scenes. But I still love Bollywood movies. They make me smile, give me hope, make me sing … [Read more...]

Sunny Leone to star in Jism 2 – Sneak Peek!

Sunny Leone Jism 2 Poster

We Indians are obsessed with skin. White skin, in particular. In the 17th century, a few white people from England came and impressed the then ruling class of this country. Slowly and steadily, they started ruling the huge country themselves. 40 years after Indians did manage to get their political freedom, a particular firang managed to charm them and become the chief of … [Read more...]

How to Review a Movie – 9 Questions to Ask Yourself

How to review a movie

We started Bollykings with the sole purpose of giving honest and credible movie reviews of popular films that were being churned out of the huge film factory known as Bollywood. Along the way, we have often questioned what it is that we look out for when reviewing a movie. How does one review a movie? Do you simply rate based on how the movie made you feel or do you look … [Read more...]