Bollywood’s Legendary Rivalries Unplugged

Well, well, talk about Bollywood stars and you’re probably referring to a bunch of highly successful and glamorous actors and actresses who have the world at their feet. But, they are an ungracious lot as well. Most of the stars are perpetually resorting to bitching, pulling each other down, using their industry clout to derail each other’s films and taking potshots at each other to keep the gossip magazines and tabloids alive

Hold on guys. We do not mean that there are no BFFs in Bollywood. TherBut somehow, they do not always get the amount of attention as the so-called supposed filmy dishoom-dishoom off the sets.

Picture this:

Would you be enthralled by a certain Kareena Kapoor attending long standing pal, Amrita Arora’s wedding as a bridesmaid, or by her not so polite remarks about arch rival Priyanka Chopra?  It is guaranteed that rivalry reports, whether you like them or not, will grab a larger number of eyeballs and thus, are vital marketing tools for films and the stars alike. As the w3ags have always stated –  no publicity is bad publicity!
But then, there are certain rivalries that are evergreen and will always be as intriguing as ever even though the stars continue to be tight lipped about them. Here are some of the exclusive, legendary rivalries that have almost threatened to divide the industry into fragments. While some of them are media concocted, the others are a result of the stars’ cat-and-mouse actions. Read on….

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan :

My, my, my. This is the Baap of all rivalries ever!
Never mind the pre-DDLJ days when Shah Rukh was a self confessed sycophant, calling apna Sallu, ‘Salman Sir’ and resorting to all sorts of Chamchagiri. But a couple of successful Fridays have done their best to boost the Badshaah’s ego and here’s hello! to a huge rivalry between the two. They were at loggerheads when a hopelessly-in-love Salman Khan disrupted the shooting of Chalte Chalte, where paramour Aishwarya Rai was apparently the female lead. A couple of hot words and a kiss-and-make-up later, the two hotshots were at it again when they came to blows during Katrina Kaif’s party. There is a great deal of speculation about the feud between these two superstars that makes the rivalry not only legendary but extremely hot and happening too. As long as it results in better and better competitive movies, no one is complaining.

Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen :

‘Mirror Mirror On The Wall.. Who’s the Fairest Of Them All ? !’
The rivalry between these two beauty queens was inevitable from the onset. They were competitors at the Miss India contest, they were rivals in films, they were opponents over endorsements and  they fought over a certain Mr. Anil Ambani too. Theirs was the perfect antagonistic story that lasted until Ash got married to a life of bliss to Abhishek Bachchan while Sush made a life for herself with her two daughters.
Here’s more power to you girls!

Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan :

We aren’t sure whether Shah Rukh is the King of Bollywood or the King of controversy. From Salman to Aamir and a host of others (more about that later), SRK has indeed managed to play hero on the screen and a villain off it. So, moving on to the dispute between the Khans, it all began in 1996 when Shah Rukh bagged prime awards for DDLJ, while Aamir felt he was the better contender for playing the Tapori with élan in Rangeela. While there is no public display of histrionics between the two (thank heavens for that), the duo sure know how to live it up by blogging, tweeting and taking potshots at each other during award functions. Now, that’s what we call ‘a subtle way to fight it out’.

Abhishek Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan

These golden boys of Hindi Cinema were backslapping buddies once upon a time. Alas, being pitted together on the filmy front brought that warm friendship to an end. They were launched at the same time (well, almost) and even as one went on to become Bollywood’s heartthrob, the other was just heart broken. It didn’t help that biwi Aishwarya Rai made her kissing debut with the smashing Roshan Junior while Abhishek got the slight from the distributors owing to his thanda image. Ah well dearies, showbiz can be quite a bitch. We know.

Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan

It certainly beats me that SRK has the nerve to appear so many times and counting, on this infamous list. Aren’t the big shots supposed to have big hearts as well? Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge SRK fan and absolutely love him (minus the K.K.K.Kiran of course), methinks its time we did an exclusive on SRK and his off screen ladai!

Hah!! Well!! Whatever!
The fight between the current youth icon and the ageless superstar got into full steam when SRK discovered to his dismay that AB baby can still strut his stuff with stellar performances in Black and Paa. Not to mention the amazingly popular Kaun Banega Crorepati that renovated his image like never before. SRK did all he could, right from dabbling into KBC 3 to endorsing twice the number of brands that the Big B does. Luckily, he happened to sense the fact that this conflict was doing him more harm than the other and reverted back to showering praises on AB Baby like the recent, “We are honored to breathe the air that AB breathes and walk on the earth that he walks”

Talk about being cheesy!

Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra

They were literally best friends on the sets of Aitraaz with Kareena acting as Piggy Chop’s mentor. But once the film was released and went on to become a hit, Bebo was surprised and annoyed to see PC’s performance shape up better than hers. Ditto for Don2, where Bebo thought her’s would be the claim to fame with ‘Yeh Mera Dil’, but instead the audience rapped up to PC’s ‘Aaj Ki Raat’. Add to this, the fact that Kareena’s ex-flame was being lapped up by Priyanka and you have the stage set for another huge rivalry. Bebo’s worries began and she started making callous remarks at every public show and coffee shows which she attended. But we have a fighter in Piggy Chops, who retaliated in kind to all her comments. Of late, they kissed and made up at the Police Mela in Mumbai, but who knows if it’s really hunky dory between them or this is the trademark silence before a storm.

Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi

Sallu has been a part of many feuds but none of them were as engaging as this. With Vivek Oberoi going to such vast lengths as calling a Press Conference and crying boo-hoo about how Salman threatened him to death and all, a quite chilled out Sallu kept feigning amnesia about Vivek Oberoi. With the ENTIRE industry,( yes Sallu’s foes included), chiding Vivek right out in the open, here was proof of Sallu’s clout in the industry. Ouch!! Of course after getting his fingers burnt, Vivek has done a complete U turn and has started holding ears and what not to gain Sallu’s sympathy. After quite some nakhras and jhagdas, our large hearted Salman has finally budged and has reportedly forgiven the erring mortal Vivek; and this comes across as one of the rivalries of the yore where all is well now.
There are other numerous strifes rampant in the industry right from Katrina-Deepika, Shah Rukh-Ajay Devgan, Sonam-Aishwarya, Rani-Preity to name a few.

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  1. Tina krishnan says

    Hey.. I agree with everything else. But shah rukh is not bad yaar. People r unfair to him all the time. Case in point Farah khan. But he is the King of Bollywood. No denying that.

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