Big B: The Good Samaritan

The first man of the film industry, Dr. Amitabh Bachchan has set a landmark is several ways. This megastar symbolizes money, power, awe, strength and now humanity as well. Recently he announced that he shall help the 90 year old freedom fighter Gayatri Devi with all that she wants for the coming 5 years. He made this announcement at Citizen Journalist Awards organized by the IBN18 Network.

He also posted a few comments on this on his blog on BigAdda. There he lauded the lady’s strength & conviction to prove her point in front of the corrupt system. He was also moved by her plight at this age in spite of her great deeds. He says, “After doing so much for the nation, all she is asking from the Government is Rs. 3500 per month as her pension.”

Well, it’s good to see influential people putting their power to good use. Kudos to Big B!

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