Big B is perfect off the screen as well: Leena Yadav

Superstar of the millennium Amitabh Bachchan is well known to caste a spell on the silver screen. The director of his next release Leena Yadav can not stop praising his awe off the screen as well. She says, “With every new performance Mr. Bachchan surprises us in his films. This time we are all awe struck with his talent off screen as well.”

She continues, “In one shot of the film he had to play violin. We had called a professional to train him for the same. But he insisted that he shall do it during the shot. With out training he held the violin perfectly and played it beautifully. The professional also praised him when he witnessed the shot.”

Besides violin, he can also play piano in a spectacular manner. What’s more, the director reports that they used to play different games on the sets to keep p the mood. “Mr. Bachchan is a terrific tennis player. At the age of 67, he could compete with the youngsters on the sets.”

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