Bhindi Bazaar Inc. Preview and Trailer

Bhindi Bazaar Inc. is a movie which talks about the underbelly of the city – the places which harbor petty criminals and which provide feeding grounds to several would be criminals. For those who don’t know, Bhindi Bazaar is a place in Mumbai, densely populated, crowded and on the whole a mess. It is a part of the city which has not actually moved on with the times and you can still see traces of the old world over there. Bhindi Bazaar Inc. is a story of crime – how it lives and how it thrives.

The first looks and trailers are mainly a hodge-podge of criminals, big and small toting guns, picking pockets, giving menacing looks and mouthing dangerous dialogues. This may as well be a masterpiece … or it may be a complete disaster, but this movie is sure worth noticing. An edgy rendering of the promos and a great line up of actors (most notably Kay Kay Menon, Pawan Malhotra, Deepti Naval and Shilpa Shukla) gives the movie a respectable standing.

Enjoy the trailer of Bhindi Bazaar Inc.


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