Ben Kingsley is in Love with the Indian Female Directors

Recently ‘Teen Patti’ got Big B and Oscar winner Ben Kinsley together. Ben is 66 and has done several B-wood films in his career. In fact, he had won Oscar for ‘Gandhi’ that is again a film based on Indian history.

In a recent interview the actor said that he loves the Indian style of film making. He said, “Indian films have a big audience across the globe. The Indians living in any part of the world prefer watching the Hindi films more than the Western ones. They say that they can watch them with the family.”

Further he disclosed his desire to make a film in India. “I have worked in many Hindi films but now I want to make one myself. I would love to direct it myself and do a major role in it as well. That would be most satisfying for me. Though, it would not be one from the mainstream.” He said he has already started working towards his project.

Another essential disclosure that he made was that the female directors from India have a classic style of working. “While working with Leena Yadav in ‘Teen Patti’ I have realized that women have their own unique take on any story that is quite impressive. Now I am keen to work with Nandita Das as well.” For Nandita he also said that he wished to work with her as an actor, besides the director.

He also could not stop himself from mentioning Mira Nair. “Mira has her own league of followers and audiences in various parts of the world. Her work seems to be good.”

This seems to be yet another milestone for the Indian film industry touching the international platform!

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