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Reena Daruwalla is a wannbe film critic and an opinionated film enthusiast who plays at working and enjoys it thoroughly. A stay at home mother of two, she is a self confessed expert of nothing. She currently dabbles in blogging and chocolate making, fancying that one day she will write a book.
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The Top Ten Best Rain Songs from Bollywood

Hindi films have a song for every occasion, season, emotion, situation; you name it! And when north India was recently surprised (and delighted) by some unseasonal April showers in the past few days, that gave us a break from the pitiless pale blue sky and the torpor that seemed to have settled on the earth […]

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Bollywood’s Tryst with Anna Hazare’s Anti Corruption Movement

Out of personal conviction for aligning oneself with a just cause, or to gain publicity for a recent release by attaching to a visible news story, Bollywood actors have a long history of being involved with political and social issues. The recent stir caused by Anna Hazare and his anti corruption movement has been unprecedented […]

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The Industry Khans – and The Best Actor Award Goes to….

The film industry is peopled with Khans – who wield clout and inspire devotion from legions of fans the world over. For the past couple of decades it is only the Khans who have been any kind of serious contender for the top leading men of the Hindi film industry, in terms of being powerful, […]

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Bollywood’s Size Zero Obsession

There was this old joke, about Bollywood yesteryears actress Asha Parekh who went up to God and said “Main aapke paas ek Chhoti is aas leke ayi hoon” and apparently God thundered,  “Jooth kyon bolti ho!”… Purport of this being that Bollywood does not have a history of size zero. What is does have, is […]

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The Chick Flick – Has it Arrived in India?

Ever since the comely Anuja Chauhan wrote the hugely entertaining and laugh out loud funny The Zoya Factor and Battle for Bittora, it was safe to conclude that chick lit had arrived in India. But as to the other question, has the Chick Flick arrived in India; the answer is rather less unequivocal. A few […]

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