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Reena Daruwalla is a wannbe film critic and an opinionated film enthusiast who plays at working and enjoys it thoroughly. A stay at home mother of two, she is a self confessed expert of nothing. She currently dabbles in blogging and chocolate making, fancying that one day she will write a book.
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The Many Avatars of Aamir Khan

You couldn’t have watched the recently concluded Cricket World Cup Finals and Semifinals without repeatedly having seen the new handlebar mustachioed look sported by Aamir Khan who was present at the stadium with bespectacled wife Kiran Row in tow. Aamir Khan is one Bollywood actor how has consistently experimented with new looks, evolved new personas […]

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zindagi na milegi dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Movie Review

I have to begin this movie review of Zindagi na Milegi Dobara by saying that though it was a very enjoyable film, and perhaps accurately described as India’s first fully fledged road movie, it is not quite Dil Chahta Hai. Though comparisons are odious, in this case they are inevitable and Zindagi falls that little […]

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Delhi Belly – Movie Review

This is one of those surprising films that lives up to the hype and high expectations that people had from it – Delhi Belly is funny, outrageous, uproarious, unapologetic, crude, vulgar, true to life; it breaks new ground in Bollywood and is whole lot beside. This Delhi Belly movie review may be more than a […]

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Lady Gaga and her Bollywood Jaunt – Can She Make it Big In India?

I recently came across a BBC article which posed an interesting question – Can Lady Gaga Crack Bollywood? The article gave a number of reasons why Lady Gaga wanted to make her mark in Bollywood and in India – a country with 700 million people below the age of 30. There is no denying that […]

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Latest Hindi Movies to Catch This Weekend

Summer is a good time for Bollywood when the kids have holidays and people seek out fun things to do. What better than the cool environs of a movie theater to have a good time with friends and family? With a bunch of the latest Hindi Movies coming hot from the oven, the summer seems brighter than […]

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Smoking in Films – Should it be Allowed?

It is a well known fact that the best loved Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan smokes; and from time to time smoking in films has come under the scanner for possible negative impact on the youth. Film makers and actors are frequently admonished for displaying scenes of smoking in films and SRK recently received an […]

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M F Husain Muses and the Hindi Film Industry

Maqbool Fida Husain, India’s best known artist; responsible for putting India on the world art map, died on 9 June 2011. Regardless of the multitudes of controversies surrounding M F Husain, there can be no doubt that the artist was revered by the art world, to say nothing of the Hindi Film Industry with which […]

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Preview- Bbuddah hoga tera Baap and Aarakshan

You have to hand it to the man, he is 68 and he still manages to land the choicest roles available in Hindi cinema – we preview two very different upcoming Hindi films, both starring Amitabh Bachchan – Bbuddah hoga tera Baap and Arakshan. The first is an irreverent comedy about a cussed, angry old […]

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Bollywood and Politics – Do they Mesh?

The forays that Bollywood actors have made into politics have been frequent but not always hugely successful; which raises the question – do Bollywood and Politics really mesh? Are Bollywood stars cut out for politics and if not, why so? Recently Saif Ali Khan made a statement to the effect that he was not interested […]

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The Strange Tale of Hindi Film Actor Raj Kiran – Lost and Found

Remember that hauntingly beautiful melody Tum itna jo muskura rahi ho and the shy faced, sensitive actor in Mahesh Bhatt’s acclaimed film Arth, as he cuts a small pastry to celebrate the birthday of Shabana Azmi’s character in the film? That man is Bollywood actor Raj Kiran, who at the time showed great promise with […]

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Bollywood and Plastic Surgery – The Relentless Pursuit of Youth

When Priyanka Chopra went from nubile young thing to a mature older woman of 65 in Saat Khoon Maaf this was not unusual.  Ho hum, she just did what about 50% of young actresses of Hindi soaps do – play grannies when they are barely out of their teens but this did get me thinking […]

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The Democratisation of Bollywood

If you have been watching Koffee with Karan diligently, then you would know that there are supposed to be ‘Camps’ in the Hindi film industry. Nonetheless, Bollywood is now probably more democratic than ever before; it is now more possible for unknowns and those without Godfathers to break into the Hindi film industry. Time was […]

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