I AM – a film which has made waves even before its commercial release

I AM directed by Onir

Onir, the director of the highly acclaimed movie – My Brother Nikhil, is about to release his latest presentation I am. The film has been produced by Sanjay Suri and Onir. Prior to its commercial release, this film has been acclaimed by critics and juries at various film festivals and it was the winner at the River to River festival at Florence and at many other specialized … [Read more...]

404 – the mystical and the paranormal

404 movie poster

The trailer of the movie 404 shows you little more than a maze of square shaped images with words such as unknown and horror thrown in for good measure. You are unable to get any sense of what the movie is all about – except maybe a feeling that they are deliberately playing upon the mystery angle of the story – thereby inducing you to watch the film after it's … [Read more...]

Shor in the city – will it be heard above the noise?

Movie poster

Shor in the City is a film which is believed to have been based on the stories which make our daily fare in newspapers. In a multi-faceted city like Mumbai, survival is a daily battle. They have taken three loosely interconnected stories of young men and brought them to a climax through the grime and noise of the Ganpati festival.   The blurbs state – "When the … [Read more...]

No Thank You for “Thank You”


The combination of Anees Bazmai and Akshay Kumar has given us box office successes such as Singhh is Kingg and Welcome. There were many expectations from their latest offering Thank You, and all the previews and trailers were tantalisingly promising us a laugh riot. Unfortunately none of those aspirations have been realised. Thank You has turned out to be quite a damp squib … [Read more...]