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Mridula is an enthusiastic blogger from New Delhi who loves watching and discussing movies. When she is not immersed with glitterati, she spends time with Goonj, an NGO for the poor. She divides the rest of her time between playing different roles such as a wife, a mother, a daughter and a grandmother and also a full-time housekeeper
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The enigma that was Kishore Kumar – Bollyking

The magic that Kishore created around his songs was partly due to his innate ability to pick up the mood of the song and put it into lyrical form, but also due to the fact that as an actor he understood the background of the songs and also due to the fact that as a talented music director he could put his own touch into it.

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Turning 30 – A film about growing up from Prakash Jha

The film is all about a young girl seeking and finding herself, and in the process growing up and becoming a woman of independent means and thoughts.

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Yamla Pagla Deewana Preview – The Three Deols in Full Splendour

Yamla Pagla Deewana is a Deol film all the way. With Dharmendra , Sunny and Bobby together for the second time you are assured of comedy and action all rolled into one. The promos have been sold for large sums of money, and that in itself is an indication of things to come. Despite the […]

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Yeh Faasle – Can Amrita and Shahid recreate the magic of “Vivah”

Yeh Faasley, a film directed by Yogesh Mittal claims to be a film based on relationships, specially on the strain that distance places on each relationship. Time and space have always been spoilsports in any love story and the entire premise of this film is about how these affect the development of interpersonal connections.

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Shah Rukh Khan – What Makes Him Tick

The SRK Magic is inimitable and unique. Many other stars have many of the above attributes but there is only one who has all of them rolled into one. His perfectionism and his professionalism are part of his business qualities, but his acting ability and all-pervading magnetism are what make him the reigning Khan of Bollywood.

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Tees Maar Khan Movie Review: Watch at Your Own Risk!

Poor dialogues and an implausible storyline, performed in an average manner by two of Bollywood’s most talented performers, have all combined together to make us give this film a thumbs down.

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Ageless Body, Timeless Energy and a Dabangg Attitude – This is Salman Khan

Salman Khan has once again proved to be a timeless work of art. Every time the critics slam him and the producers start keeping a safe distance from him, he turns around and presents us with a movie which has all of us cheering from the grandstands.

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Top 10 Dark Horses of Bollywood – The real underdogs!

There have been many who have entered the industry through the years and even though initially no one thought they would go far – may be due to their lack of lineage and conventional good looks, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

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Disability Sells – Bollywood in it’s new Avatar

Disability and it’s portrayal in Hindi films was earlier a sideline of the film. Rarely was it the main cover theme of the film, and often it was portrayed as a sympathy factor. The hero’s wheelchair bound sister, or the aged parent who needed to be looked after due to a debilitating condition, these were […]

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Katrina Kaif – From Demure Supermodel to a Sexy Bollywood Superstar!

Sheila Ki Jawaani – an item number from Farah Khan’s upcoming Bollywood film, [intlink id="1911" type="post"]Tees Maar Khan[/intlink] is today ruling the airwaves of Bollywood and TV screens. With her super hot performance in this item song, Katrina Kaif has proven that not only does she have an amazingly gorgeous and super sexy body – […]

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When Bollywood Dance Was Traditional Indian Dance

We all know that song and dance plays a major role in Bollywood. If you want to break it into Bollywood, you gotta know how to dance. This article looks back at how dance has changed throughout the ages.

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lata mangeshkar

Lata Mangeskar – The Timeless Voice of India

There have been many great voices in the singing world, but what makes Lata Mangeshkar unique is her ability to sing any type of song and manage to infuse in it the emotions which are being emoted by the actor on the screen. Lata has enraptured millions of music buffs all over the world. What makes her so special?

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