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Jaskunwar is a crazy person who claims that he has a different way of thinking. He believes that Bollywood today needs serious reform, in the psychological sense. That films are not just about 'Masalas and item numbers'. Aspiring to be a Film Director himself, he has recently completed school and is moving towards achieving his dream of getting home an Oscar for India.
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Superbly Late But… Teen Thay Bhai Review

Obvious chances are, that by the time you are, or are not reading this, you’ve already seen 3 Thay Bhai. And therefore, you already have a fair chance of knowing what I’m going to write regarding this latest ‘ROMP’ [Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra Production]. Sincere apologies for the fact that you could not rely on […]

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SEX: It’s creeping in, Youngistan!

At the time of India’s independence, the leaders of the country were faced with the mundane task of opting for a certain method of development that newly-azad India would follow. In the tremor of the 1945 war, the world had been cracked into two: The Soviets, and the United States of Americans. India could choose […]

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The World Cup Final Was Like a Bollywood Film – Go INDIA GO!

Picture this: 15 men wearing blue. Some kind of a metaphorical “blue blood” is created out of them. This blue blood travels through air, through dust and through all hanging lust, and it’s a MUST that it reaches first: yes. That is the dream, it’s why people did scream: India needed to win the World […]

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Lame name. But what a brilliant GAME!

The show belongs to Abhishek Bachchan, from the start till the end. The classy-stylish act of his, present everywhere, impacting nowhere, does its work here. Check out the GAME hindi movie review!

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Oscar Awards 2011… and a Lot More than that.

This morning, I had the uniquely lucky and somehow awesome pleasure of catching the Oscar Awards Live, for the first time. I say uniquely lucky because in a boarding school, it really is lucky. Therefore, every little titsy-bitsy statement made by anyone at all had an unnecessarily and undeservingly huge impact on me. One of […]

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Bollywood Roobaroo Hollywood – Koffee with Holly

[Setting: An old-fashioned room, two cushions at opposite ends, facing inwards, towards a fireplace. Fire crackles. Two fine gentlemen are seated on the cushions, gazing into the crackling flames. One is smoking Cigar, and the other one, adjusting his Dhoti. The Cigar-man, Hollywood, speaks.]     Hollywood: Hi. Bollywood: Namaste [joins hands]. Hollywood: It’s a […]

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Dhobi Ghat Review – A Film with Tons of Class, Soul and Mood

It’s clearly not a mass film. In fact, I made the horribly incorrect judgment of choosing to take 9 of my friends for Dhobi Ghat as a birthday treat, all of whom hated the movie. But that clearly does not imply that this is a bad film. In fact, I think it was brilliant. As […]

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Yamla Pagla Deewana Review – A Fairly Decent Comedy

A movie review of Yamla Pagla Deewana which stars Dharmendra, Bobby Deol and Sunny Deol.

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No One Killed Jessica because She is Alive Once More.

Soul. A soul is what gives a person heart. A heart is what makes the person a human. A human is that being which has feelings. Feelings are what define morality. Morality is what makes a person good or bad. And good or bad is what defines a person’s life. And life is what we […]

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5 New Year Resolution for Bollywood 2011

Hello my billions and billions of viewers! This is Bollywood talking to you, from the heart. No, no, my heart’s not Mumbai, don’t get it wrong! From that REAL heart of mine. Yes, rest assured, I have one, and it’s still, hold on, let me feel it, yes, it is still… pumping. I am 7 […]

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A Shahrukh Khan Film Releases

It’s 6:30 am. I’m standing outside Prabhat, gazing at Shahrukh Khan’s facing staring at me from the Om Shanti Om poster. I’m already sitting inside the hall in my head, wondering what it’s going to be like. I’m in my school uniform. It’s Diwali. My outing began at 6 am. And I reached this place […]

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