From Sheets to the Silver Screen

Magic in theatres began with conjurers and their tricks on stage. It then moved on to comedians and plays entertaining large live audience. Today, we have motion pictures to define magic. Cinema has become a part of every soul. Movies have the calviagra online ukibre to manifest your imaginations and take you into a different world. A very typical genre of this magical era … [Read more...]

Top Ten Movies of 2010

Bollywood, continuing in its tradition produced several big and low budget movies in 2010. Now that 2010 generic lexapro is a year behind us, I tally my records and present to you a list of top ten Bollwood movies of the year. This past year has been especially sbuy cheap viagra online ukurprising to film pundits, teaching us all that sometimes small budget movies and … [Read more...]

The Social Impact of Aamir Khan Movies: The Only Secret to His Success

aamir khan

If actors were to be judged on their acting skills by their bodies of work, then among the current crop of Bollywood actors, Aamir Khan is most likely to surface as the finest of the lot. Sure, Shahrukh lexapro dosage has a sense of humour which cannot be beaten and Salman has this unique charm which makes him loved by one and all. But when it comes to acting and movies, Aamir … [Read more...]

Memories are made of these – films which have become all-time classics

Pather Panchali

Bollywood is the world's second largest producer of films and every year a barrage of them hits the movie theaters. Only a few of them survive long enough to gain immortality. This is my list of top 10 Bollywood movies of all times. Counting right from the inception of cinema in India to this Friday’s releases; we give you ten movies that every Bollywood buff must watch at … [Read more...]

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ways to make ex girlfriend call and boyfriend letter to get him back or my ex not coming back forced to move on. how to get back ur ex girlfriend through texts get back ur ex when he loves another girl, male psychology how to get him back after 3 months apart, etc. “Men know what men want, women know what men want, what do we want? We want women!” says Jerry Seinfeld in the … [Read more...]