Aishwarya is Hopping Mad, Demands Apology

Bachchan parivar is stated as the first family of the B-wood. And they are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the juniormost Bachchan, who would make Big B even more ‘grand’. Several times there have been rumors that their bahu Aish has conceived, so much so, that now the family had even stopped responding to the so-called news.

But recently, a Mumbai daily, Mumbai Mirror reported that the 37 year old Miss World is being pressurized by Big B to have a baby boy. Further, the news also stated that the actress is not able to have a child right now because she is suffering with contracting tuberculosis of stomach.

Now the entire Bachchan family is out in the media demanding a print apology from the newspaper for this violation of their privacy. Mr. Bachchan has written to the editor of the newspaper and has also posted the same on his blog: “it is an utter disrepute to journalism.” The family seems to be in no mood to let go off the culprits!

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