Abhishek Bachchan delivers a talk on acting at UK

After 42 films, Abhishek Bachchan seems to know it all about facing the camera. At the 12th Asian Film Festival held at the Central London Cinema in UK recently, he delivered a 1 and hour talk on acting and film making. This part of the film festival is termed as ‘Tongues on Fire.’

As he gave gyan based on his experience in the industry he said, “Method acting did not really work for me. They say be in your character while you are playing one. I tried for about three to four days and it was really boring. On a brighter side, the Hindi films’ lead men get to do all flavors of life, so why stick to one emotion unnecessarily!”

Remembering her early days, Bachchan Junior graciously accepted that – “In the first 5 films I was just fooling around in front of the camera. The things I learnt on the sets, I think, I should have learnt much before entering the industry. In that phase of my career my inexperience showed up in full.”

Discussing some secrets, like what he feels is difficult he told, “Crying on given cue is the most difficult thing to do.” Another golden tip that he shared was to know your audience and what they want from you and then portray the same in the best possible manner; in fact, make it better every next time.”

He also disclosed that fitness is extremely important in this industry. “Karan would practically murder you if you become fat while shooting for his film.”

At last he signed with a buzzing note that actors have to play so callously with their emotions that for all the practical reasons they become quite freaked out.

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