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When Bollywood Dance Was Traditional Indian Dance

bollywood dance numbers

[ad#post] Remember Waheeda Rahman in Guide?  Her impromptu dance on a truck full of hay and on the ramparts of a temple to the tune of "Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai" is one of the most memorable dances in Hindi film music. There was a joyfulness and simplicity to this song and you wanted to join her while she danced with careless abandon.  There were no extra dancers or … [Read more...]

Ever Green Bollywood Romances to Watch on Cold Winter Evenings

romantic bollywood movies

A hot cup of soup, a warm blanket, a glowing room heater and a lovely soft romantic film on the DVD - isn't this the ultimate way to spend a winter evening at home? A good romantic film will make you feel warm and tingly and will help you forget the vagaries of nature outside your window. There are some films which are just apt for an evening like this, and of course, we have … [Read more...]

The Industry Khans – and The Best Actor Award Goes to….


The film industry is peopled with Khans – who wield clout and inspire devotion from legions of fans the world over. For the past couple of decades it is only the Khans who have been any kind of serious contender for the top leading men of the Hindi film industry, in terms of being powerful, influential, successful at the box office and also in terms of sheer histrionic … [Read more...]

Madhuri Dixit – India’s Favourite Dancer

Madhuri Dixit

If there is one thing that Bollywood actors and actresses have always been known for, its their dance. The gyrating moves, scintillating expressions and graceful dancing styles in movies have invariably helped in popularizing songs in the movies. So we asked our self, who has been the most famous dancer in the industry and only one name comes to my mind - Madhuri … [Read more...]

Emergence Of The Female Hero – Is Change Round The Corner?

Dimple Kapadia Zakhmi Aurat

‘7 Khoon Maaf’ marks the completion of a trilogy of sorts. Within two months of 2011, we have viewed 3 movies which have advocated female empowerment is never-before ways. While ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ marks the emergence of a storyline where the “heroine” gets all the good shots, lines and scenes, ‘No One Killed Jessica’ told the story of a wronged woman who gets her case … [Read more...]